White Sox pitcher, Lucas Giolito credits Neurofeedback with Improving his Athletic Abilities

White Sox pitcher, Lucas Giolito credits Neurofeedback with improving his athletic abilities. He underwent 20 sessions of what he called “brain training” to attempt to revive his career. 

According to a Chicago Tribune Article, in a few months Giolito went from the worst starter in the Majors to becoming an American League All-Star pitcher. He reports that Neurofeedback has enhanced focus and maintained calm, so that he is remains competitive. According to the Chicago Tribune Article of July 15th, 2019, Lucas Giolito is back on track! 

In 2018, he had ERA of 6.13 and in 2019 thus far, he has ERA of 3.02. In 2018, he won 10 games and lost 13 games. In 2019, he won 14 games and lost 7 games. Statistically, he is the 5th best pitcher in the league and the season is not over. His performance has been consistent and disciplined, all the qualities required to be an exceptional athlete.

Lucas Giolito is not the only athlete to utilize this technique. White pitcher, Dylan Cease has been using Neurofeedback to improve focus and reduce stress.

Gold Medal Olympic Champion Beach Volleyball player, Kerri Walsh-Jennings, has used Neurofeedback to strengthen her mind and in turn, her physical stamina and coordination.

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