What to Expect:

During a trainee’s first neurofeedback session, a clinician will go over a brief past patient history and discuss how neurofeedback works more in depth. 

The neurofeedback trainer will place small non-invasive sensors on the head. These sensors measure the electrical brainwave patterns coming from the scalp (much like a physician listens to your heart from the surface of your skin). No electrical current travels into your brain. Your brainwave patterns are relayed to the computer and recorded. The trainee sits back and relaxes while watching a movie or listening to music while the neurofeedback software monitors the brainwave patterns and provides positive feedback when the trainees brainwaves are producing the correct battern.

Sessions should be completed at least twice per week. Most sessions are scheduled for 1 hour with training two separate brain sites (protocols). A protocol is completed between 10-20 sessions depending on the brain responses to treatment.

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