Glen H.  now tells us that his family now views him as a “…completely different person to live with…able to listen….” when family members interact with him.

Jamie W. (Age 50, Former patient) – Jamie suffered from a serious head trauma, she reported that she had noticed dramatic improvements in her cognitive functioning following neurofeedback treatment at the Sinha Clinic. Prior to her brain injury, Jamie was a very high-functioning individual; an instructor at the Master’s level in a local university. 

Due to her injury, she has been unemployed for the past few years. Jamie’s ability to accomplish simple every-day tasks was dramatically decreased. She reported difficulty keeping appointments, as it would take her two hours or more, on average to get out of bed.  Today, Jamie is well on her way to functioning in a manner similar to the one she enjoyed prior to her brain injury, and states “…I look forward to returning to the classroom…confident I will be as influential an instructor as before….”.

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Paula K. (Former patient) – Paula suffered a traumatic brain injury, she reported after only 25 sessions she was able to “…comprehend what I read… and my memory has improved dramatically”.

Christina presented to the Sinha Clinic with complaints of loss of interests in activities she once enjoyed, chronic fatigue, depression and high anxiety. 

For her, neurofeedback offered an affordable, alternative, holistic approach to treat her depression and anxiety, without potential drug interaction with medications prescribed by her family physician. 

Christina now describes to have more energy and states that “prior to [neurofeedback] therapy, I didn’t want to leave the house! I had absolutely no energy and was constantly anxious. Now, I am always looking for new things to do and try!”

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 Adam M. (Age 15, Former patient) – Adam presented to the Sinha Clinic with ADHD and Anxiety Disorder. He reported that his test and social anxiety had decreased significantly and he can now “…focus on the present rather than worrying about things that haven’t happened”.

“However you have been helping her, keep it up!…The changes [in Sarah] are amazing!”.

Sarah (Age 9, Former patient) – Sarah was diagnosed with Autism accompanied by severe Tactile Sensory Disorder. Sarah also suffered severe difficulty focusing and concentrating, and often felt irritated and frustrated by the symptoms associated with her diagnosis. Her angry emotional outbursts often consisted of her stating that she “hated” family members, those who loved and cared for her most. 

During her treatment at the Sinha Clinic, she showed a significant reduction in the Tactile Sensory Disorder symptoms, which granted her the ability to sit still and focus on specific tasks. This allowed her to no longer feel overwhelmed by an abundance of tactile stimuli. She showed profound positive changes in her personality and behavior, which have allowed Sarah to enjoy school and her relationships with her family. After six months of neurofeedback treatment, Sarah’s teachers and family members have noticed a dramatic improvement, stating “However you have been helping her, keep it up!…The changes [in Sarah] are amazing!”.