Telehealth for Medication Management at the Sinha Clinic

Individuals, like you, may be concerned and unsure how to gain access to much needed mental health service. You may feel that you can handle your anxiety or depression symptoms and it will soon pass. 

You may feel, or maybe a family member discourages the importance of addressing mental health concerns. You may want to avoid a waiting room cause you feel judged or uneasy about the process. 

We want you to know that addressing mental health needs are key in taking care of yourself. Many share in these same concerns but that doesn’t stop them from realizing they need help. Even if they are afraid to seek it, our staff discusses your options discreetly and confidentially.

We have seen a new trend in telehealth options for medical practices. It is a great alternative option for those seeking mental health services and we are proud to announce that we have implemented a new telehealth option for medication management to those who are unable to make their appointments and this will aid in overcoming many common barriers. 

By increasing access to physicians and specialists, telehealth helps ensure patients receive the right care, at the right place, at the right time(1).

Telehealth benefits: 

  • It has been shown to overcome barriers for those who do not have access to reliable transportation. 
  • It limits the gaps in time between appointments.
  • Reduces distance and travel time that can limit access to care.
  • You can still make an appointment if you are sick and need to discuss mental health concerns 
telehealth trend

  • Provides a convenient option for those who are physically unable to come in for an appointment.
  • It opens the option for those in more rural areas who do not have access to quality mental health providers.
  • And it provides options to more community providers for more comprehensive care. 

Telehealth for medication management will not replace traditional mental health appointments but will provide flexibility and convenience as an option for those in need of this service. 

We prescreen those interested in telehealth for medication management ahead of their scheduled appointment so please call and set up your telehealth appointment ahead of time. 

Are you interested in setting up telehealth services for Medication Management at the Sinha Clinic?

Contact the office today at (630) 762-9606 to discuss if telehealth is the right option for you or a loved one.