Reduce Trial & Error with Medication Sensitivity Testing

  • Did you know that there are 100+ types of psychotropic medications? 
  • Have you felt that the medication prescribed had too many side effects or wasn’t the best fit? 
  • Are you tired of waiting to see if one medication works and if it doesn’t, come off and trying another?

The Sinha Clinic provides a way to reduce the medication trial and error method (e.g., Try a medication to see if it works – If not, let’s try another.) through medication sensitivity testing (rEEG). 

Medication sensitivity testing (aka, Referenced EEG) is a test designed for those interested in a more effective medication treatment plan, a reduction in wait time and want to feel better faster. 

Dr. Sinha can provide a more individualized care plan by determining the most appropriate and effective medication in a shorter period of time with medication sensitivity testing and forgoing the trial and error stress placed on you or a loved one with ineffective medications. 

How it Works:

Medication sensitivity testing begins with a diagnostic evaluation. Next, a Referenced EEG brain map is scheduled and completed. This type of brain map is similar to a qEEG brain map but the benefit of this test is that it pinpoints the exact areas of the brain that are dysregulated and compares to the physiological symptoms in a normative and then a symptomatic database of over 3000 case studies. This means that this type of test can determine the best medication fit for your personal brain and physiological chemistry.

The clinical outcome has shown results in an 87% response to antidepressants. Another group was 100% responsive to stimulants and a third was 85% responsive to anticonvulsants/lithium. A fourth group was 80% responsive to anticonvulsants. 

“In a series of clinical trials on patients who suffered for years without responding to treatment, physicians guided over 75 percent of them to medications that worked. Often the right medication was a combination of two medications. And sometimes, the right answer was no medication at all. rEEG® provides physicians with objective clinical data to support treatment based on patient physiology. Physicians using rEEG frequently achieve superior efficacy, often in less time and with fewer medications.” – CNS Response

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