Reach your Peak with Neurofeedback Performance Training

Balance is key to a healthy life. Peak performers can be found in a variety of settings, some include: business, personal, educational, creative and sports. Most peak performers are already great at what they do, because they are able to be focused and stay motivated on what they are passionate about in their craft. At the Sinha Clinic, we provide a program that aims to help peak performers reach their optimal mental and physical state. This does not include any type of medication. What we offer is an alternative. It is Neurofeedback Performance Training.

The Process:

The program begins with a qEEG Brain Map that provides a map of all connectivity and brainwave neural pathways that are communicating to the central nervous system and the rest of the body. Here we are able to find the areas in need of improvement and create a specific training plan designed for the individual peak performer. The training plan consists of psychological performance tests and Neurofeedback Performance Training (NPT).

NPT trains your brain to function more efficiently, improving mental functioning and emotional stability. This form of neurofeedback training is tailored to each peak performer’s specific needs within a comprehensive evaluation and with a goal to reduce unwanted symptoms of stress, poor concentration, and self-doubt. We aim to eliminate these negative symptoms and help promote areas to increase relaxation and focus while improving agility physically and mentally.

NPT breaks down the process by focusing in on the areas that are lacking and motivates those locations in the brain with feedback conditioning. The trainee is connected to a computer program, brainwave patterns are recorded and feedback is provided in the form of a movie, music or game. The brain responds by correctly producing the brainwave patterns that we ask for it to produce and the brain is rewarded each time it correctly makes these optimal brainwave patterns. With any ability, practice is key. Consistent training maintains the process of improving, conditioning and creating the opportunity for the brain to optimize the connections to other parts of the brain. This improves communication between areas that may be lacking and this is how peak performers benefit. They are able to optimize their brain, improving focus, communication to improve response time, memory, and even physical balance and agility as the brain is able to communicate to the central nervous system, which controls the response to other areas of the body.

Who uses Neurofeedback?

Doctors and surgeons use neurofeedback to improve attention, focus, memory and concentration. Business executives use it to increase mathematical ability, emotional intelligence to improve their leadership skills, and improve time management skills. Neurofeedback helps athletes gain the competitive edge over their opponents. Those in academia can use neurofeedback to help improve reading, math, comprehension, spatial reasoning, memory, and the list goes on. 

Creative performers; such as those in the arts, music, etc. use neurofeedback for meditation, enhance spiritual awakening. , and this does not reduce the creative flow or process but enhances it to hone their craft. In general, most individuals use neurofeedback to help improve stress, sleep or improve many common symptoms from anxiety, depression, ADHD, migraines or other common conditions or disorders.


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