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Reach your Peak with Neurofeedback Brain Training

The Experts at the Sinha Clinic can help reach your goals to optimize brain health.  Whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one. 

Did you know that different sports place different demands on the brain? 

We offer peak performance training that can help you reach your goals and gain that competitive edge.

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Long-Lasting Results

Are you an Athlete looking for that competitive edge?

A number of professional athletes and Olympians use Neurofeedback Brain Training to increase their performance on the field. 

  • – The Pro golf circuit
    – Formula 1 teams
    – NASA astronaut training centre
    – United States Olympic Training Center
    – English Institute of Sport (Olympic Training Center)
    – United States Army’s Centers for Enhanced Performance
    – Wingate Institute of Sports & Physical Education, Israel
  • – Canadian National Olympic Sports Centers
    – Norwegian Olympic Training Center
    – Taiwanese Olympic Team
    – Singapore Olympic Sports Council
    – US Special Forces and Navy Seals training
    – Human Performance Institute, Australian Special Forces
    – West Point Military Academy

How does it work?

We identify key areas of the brain for performance enhancement through a qEEG Brain Map.

We aim to improve mental functioning, athletic deficits, areas of weakness in behavior, and areas of distraction that can be eliminated.  From our analysis, a program is tailored to each athlete’s specific needs within a comprehensive evaluation. A protocol is set to reduce unwanted symptoms of stress, poor concentration, and self-doubt. We aim to eliminate these negative symptoms and help promote areas to increase relaxation and focus while improving timing and agility.

Next, the trainee begins Neurofeedback Brain training.   

Performance training includes watching a movie on the computer screen, playing a video game, or listening to audio tones.  Each protocol is designed to the trainee’s needs. These training sessions are designed to teach the person to slowly change, self-regulate and retrain their brainwave patterns. 

With continued feedback, coaching, and practice, the healthier brainwave patterns are maintained. Neurofeedback can be compared to strength training for the brain, enhancing cognitive flexibility and control.

Success rate

The success rate for neurofeedback for certain conditions is a rate of 75%-80%.  Success is largely dependent on a number of factors and individual goals, these include: peak performance goals, length of consistent training, health of the brain, prior diagnosis, and medications used. We complete baseline tests, to monitor results throughout the program. If a trainee completes the program as advised, the success rate should fall at a higher level of efficacy. 

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The Sinha Clinic has helped many individuals and families improve their cognitive health through Neurofeedback Brain Training. Let us help you or a loved one get on the path to a better quality of life.