Peak Performance and Neurofeedback Research:

Neurofeedback helps athletes gain the competitive edge over their opponents. At the Sinha Clinic, we provide training that aims to help athletes reach their optimal mental and physical state. By identifying areas of the brain for performance enhancement, we aim to improve mental function, athletic deficits, areas of weakness in behavior, and areas of distraction can be eliminated. “Different sports place different demands on the brain” (Hammond, 2007, para. 4). Neurofeedback training is tailored to each athlete’s specific needs within a comprehensive evaluation and tailored protocol to reduce unwanted symptoms of stress, poor concentration, and self-doubt. We aim to eliminate these negative symptoms and help promote areas to increase relaxation and focus while improving timing and agility.

Peak Performance doesn’t mean just for Sports… Neurofeedback can help improve Musicality and Academics too!

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Neurofeedback is also being used increasingly to facilitate peak performance in individuals with limited cognitive impairments and athletes, for instance, in enhancing musical abilities (Egner & Gruzelier, 2003), athletes, business executives, cognitive enhancement in normal college students (Rasey, Lubar, McIntyre, Zoffuto & Abbott, 1996), memory enhancement in normal individuals (Vernon et al., 2003), and for “brain brightening” to counter effects of normal aging. 

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