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The Sinha Clinic provides services in neuropsychiatry, counseling, quantitative EEG (qEEG Brain Mapping), referenced EEG (rEEG Medication Sensitivity Testing), medication management and neurofeedback brain training with telehealth options for medication management with prior approval based on patient needs.
Quantitative EEG (qEEG), or brain mapping, is a test shown to provide information about the brain’s functionality. It is also used for determining psychiatric medication sensitivity (Referenced EEG). This is especially beneficial for those patients who have tried and failed multiple medications, and failed with medication combinations. What rEEG does is to review the brain chemistry and pinpoint 2-3 potential medications that fit the individual person than basing treatment off of trial and error to see which combination works best.
After completing a qEEG, we utilize neurofeedback training that focuses on training the brain to self-regulate brainwave patterns to function more optimally. It is considered a safe and effective therapy tool and can be used in conjunction with other therapy programs; such as, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). To learn more about Dr. Sinha, please click here.  Please refer below for further service descriptions
neuropsychiatry in st. charles


The Sinha Clinic blends integrative and holistic treatment methods for optimal mental health benefits. We use psychiatric medications in conjunction with an eclectic blend of psychotherapeutic modalities including neurofeedback brain training. 



We provide our patients with a safe space to communicate their struggles, create clear goals and organize priorities to help empower individuals and/or families to accomplish their mental health, wellness, education and career goals.


qEEG Brain Mapping

A qEEG is an assessment tool that scientifically evaluates a patient’s brainwave electrical activity. This test pinpoints the specific areas of the brain that are dysregulated versus the areas that are working efficiently.


Medication Sensitivity Testing (Referenced EEG)

This is a test that provides physicians a treatment guide for more effective medication treatment. Medication sensitivity testing can be completed during a qEEG brain map.



Brain Training

Neurofeedback is an alternative treatment to medication, it is long lasting, painless, non-invasive with patient’s reporting continued positive results after brainwaves are retrained and functioning optimally.


Telehealth for Medication Management

A great alternative option for those seeking mental health services for medication management to those who are unable to make their appointments and this will aid in overcoming many common barriers. Appointments must be approved and based on patient needs. 

Diagnostic Evaluation

The Sinha Clinic prides ourselves on an efficient and thorough diagnostic evaluation process. The initial appointment is set for 45 minutes. Please bring a list of medications, photo ID, insurance card and prior medical records.

Please click the button (Patient Intake Forms) below to obtain a copy of the intake forms and complete them prior to your scheduled appointment. Do not submit any medical records or Protected Health Information (PHI) online.  Please print the completed copy and bring to your first appointment or arrive 15 minutes early and you can complete the information prior to your appointment. Once the Diagnostic Evaluation is complete, Dr. Sinha will discuss further options for comprehensive care that we offer to determine the best fit for you or your loved one.

First Time Patient Documents

  • If you are a first time patient, please complete the “Patient Intake Forms” below and submit them to our front office staff. 
  • If you are transferring from another medical facility or referred by your Primary Care Provider, please use the “Release of Information” and submit with only one provider/facility per form and submit the release to our front desk medical staff for a thorough diagnostic evaluation. 
  • If you are completing a qEEG Brain Map or rEEG Medication Sensitivity Test, please download the “Instructions for qEEG” and follow the recommendations prior to your appointment.