Neuropsychiatry Services South Elgin, IL

For those that are searching for neuropsychiatry in South Elgin, the Sinha Clinic is proud to provide services to the surrounding South Elgin area. We tailor a comprehensive diagnostic plan of medication management, counseling, and/or neurofeedback therapy. We provide comprehensive clinical care within a single office based in St. Charles, Illinois.

Summary of Services:


Compassionate Neuropsychiatric Care for South Elgin, Illinois

Neuropsychiatrists are highly trained medical doctors that deal with the complex relationship between human behavior and brain function, and endeavors to understand abnormal behavior and behavioral disorders on the basis of an interaction of neurobiological and psychological–social factors. A caring, compassionate neuropsychiatrist can be an incredibly valuable addition to the treatment of depression, anxiety and a wide range of other mental health conditions. If you are looking for a neuropsychiatrist near South Elgin, contact the Sinha Clinic at (630) 762-9606.

Our Mission for South Elgin

The Sinha Clinic is proud to provide quality brain-based mental health services to the South Elgin area. Our clinical staff combines medication management, medication sensitivity testing, counseling and neurofeedback, to give you and your family the best combination of tools in the journey to better mental health. The first step is to call us at (630) 762-9606 to schedule a comprehensive evaluation with Dr. Sinha.

Contact the Sinha Clinic at (630) 762-9606 to schedule an evaluation