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Medication Management
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Dr. Shobha Sinha is a licensed physician and board-certified in psychiatry and neurology. She specializes in medication management and medication sensitivity testing at the Sinha Clinic in Saint Charles, IL. 

The goal of medication management is to improve an individuals ability to perform daily activities and regain a better quality of life. We tailor our treatment approach to you or your loved one's specific needs to help reach that goal.

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Most people have experienced the physician prescription “trial & error” method. 

Has this happened to you?

You go to your doctor for a mental health concern and they suggest a certain medication to try. It doesn’t work, you go back and the doctor prescribes a new medication to try.  

Instead of a solution you hoped for, you are frustrated and may be experiencing a variety of nasty side effects with the same or worsening original mental health concern.

We all respond differently to medication. Some may not be as effective as others. 

We have a solution to help.

What if we could personalize your treatment to your unique brain chemistry?

There are over a hundred different types of psychotropic medications. That is a great deal of time for someone to wait to find a medication that works with their brain chemistry to alleviate unwanted symptoms.

Referenced Electroencephalogram (rEEG), or what we call medication sensitivity testing, is a test that provides physicians a guide for more effective medication treatment. 

What is Medication Sensitivity Testing?

Analyzes data from your own brain.

Compares similar brainwave data to thousand of other patients.

We use this data to reduce prescription Trial & Error into treatment options your body will respond to.


“In a series of clinical trials on patients who suffered for years without responding to treatment, physicians guided over 75 percent of them to medications that worked. Often the right medication was a combination of two medications. And sometimes, the right answer was no medication at all. rEEG® provides physicians with objective clinical data to support treatment based on patient physiology. Physicians using rEEG frequently achieve superior efficacy, often in less time and with fewer medications.” – CNS Response


Dr. Sinha analyzes the top psychotropic medications with Medication Sensitivity Testing to pinpoint the best choice for your brain chemistry and symptoms.

I am interested to learn more - Where do I start?

Step 1

Fill out the contact box below. One of our friendly office staff will contact you to listen to your needs, answer any questions and set up a diagnostic evaluation. We accept insurance and self pay. We will submit information to see what is covered complimentary. .

Step 2

After completing the diagnostic evaluation. We set up a Referenced EEG Brain Map.

This test identifies key areas of the brain to pinpoint areas of brainwave dysregulation and compares the data to the physiological and symptomatic database of over 3000 case studies. This type of test determines the best medication fit for your personal brain and physiological chemistry.

Step 3

Referenced EEG allows us to individualize care by determining the most appropriate and effective medication in a shorter period of time and forgo the trial and error stress with ineffective medications. With a shorter wait time, you or a loved one will be on your way to regain a better quality of life.

What are you waiting for?
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The Sinha Clinic has helped many individuals and families improve their cognitive health through Medication Management and Medication Sensitivity Testing. Let us help you or a loved one get on the path to a better quality of life.