Neurofeedback is an Alternative Treatment Option

Neurofeedback trains the brain to self-regulate with positive reinforcement.

– Requires no medication

– Safe and Effective

– Long Lasting Results

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is an alternative treatment to medication, it is long lasting, painless, non-invasive with some patients are able to reduce their medication once their brainwaves are retrained and are now functioning optimally.  Neurofeedback aims to retrain brainwaves through auditory and/or visual positive reinforcement  in the form of watching a video, listening to ambient music, or playing a video game during the session. 

Neurofeedback is an alternative treatment option used with children and adults diagnosed with a variety of neuropsychological and neurophysiological disorders. This neural technology is non-invasive, does not require medication, and is a cost-effective therapy that retrains the brain to function optimally with results showing long-lasting improvements in daily functioning. 

Neurofeedback can boost attention, short, long-term and working memory. Enhance creativity, communication, and technical skills. Many have seen a reduction in anxiety and depression with an improvement in mood and self-confidence. Results include an improvement in learning disabilities, intelligence quotient (IQ) reading and comprehension. It can aid in the rehabilitation for brain injury, minimizing symptoms post-stroke, and alleviating headaches and migraines with an improvement in sleep quality. Trainee’s have seen faster reaction time, processing speed and executive functioning for those looking to increase peak performance. Many benefits have been seen in case studies and at the Sinha Clinic to include improved cognitive functioning. 

Neurofeedback Improves

Take Charge of YOUR LIFE with Neurofeedback


Children & Teens

Facing challenges that children or teens are going through is difficult for any parent. It is more difficult when they are experiencing learning challenges, anxiety, or other cognitive concerns. We utilize neurofeedback as a med-free solution to help alleviate these challenges, correct the root, and optimize brain potential.


1 out of 4 adults in the US are diagnosed with a mental health disorder/condition. We use traditional methods of medication, therapy and offer a holistic approach of neurofeedback to help achieve the brain's full potential and re-regulated dysregulated areas of the brain.


Many adults and seniors begin to notice a decline in memory, or possibly feeling not as sharp or more fatigued. With regular preventive care like consistent exercise, healthy diet, restful sleep, and engaging in mind balancing activities; such as neurofeedback, can help keep the mind stay sharp and energy level maximized.

The best results are seen with twice weekly sessions with protocols set by brain mapping.


Neurofeedback is non-invasive, uses no medication and cost effective.


Average number of sessions are between 30-40; results vary depending on the complications of a patient’s case.

How to get Started

A diagnostic evaluation will be completed prior to neurofeedback training to establish treatment goals. 

Once goals are established, we begin neurofeedback training. Training is non-invasive. We place small electrodes on the head with the trainee connected to a computer and amplifier. The amplifier provides feedback from the software while the trainee watches a movie on the computer screen. Some neurofeedback training uses music with tones to provide feedback when the trainee is making the correct brainwave patterns. 

These training sessions are designed to teach the person to retrain their brainwave pattern with consistent practice. Neurofeedback can be compared to strength training for the brain, enhancing cognitive flexibility and control.

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