Medication Management
Made Simple.

Before you begin any mental health medication, put the odds of success in your favor with Medication Sensitivity Testing.

– Reduce the frustration of trial-and-error.

– Reduce the risk of adverse side effects.

– Get the assurance you deserve.

Has this happened to you?

You go to your doctor for a mental health concern. They suggest a certain medication to try. It doesn’t work. You go back in a few months and the doctor prescribes a new medication to try. It still doesn’t work. 

Instead of a solution you hoped for, you are frustrated. You may have started to experience a variety of side effects with the same (or worsening) original mental health concern. We all respond differently to medication. Some may not be as effective as others. 

You are not alone. We have a solution to help.

Medication Sensitivity Testing (Referenced EEG)

If you (or a loved one) experiences troublesome side effects from psychotropic medication and are not getting the results needed, request medication sensitivity testing (Referenced EEG). Dr. Sinha utilizes qEEG brain mapping to narrow down hundreds of psychotropic medication options to the top choices to fit your individual brain chemistry. This reduces wait time so you start feeling better faster. 

Skip the medication trial and error method and calm unwanted symptoms faster.

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How does Psychotropic Medication Sensitivity testing Work?

A digital electroencephalography (EEG) in conjunction with a normative database and a proprietary clinical (symptomatic) database to identify abnormal patient physiology. Appropriate medications are statistically selected specifically to normalize discovered abnormalities. This process has been correlated to treatment outcome in a database of over 1,600 patients and 13,000 medication trials. 

What is Medication Sensitivity Testing?
  • Analyzes data from your brain chemistry.
  • Compare similar brainwave data to thousands of other individuals.
  • Data is used to reduce prescription trial & error into treatment options fit for your brain.
Clinical referenced EEG

“In a series of clinical trials on patients who suffered for years without responding to treatment, physicians guided over 75 percent of them to medications that worked. Often the right medication was a combination of two medications. And sometimes, the right answer was no medication at all. Reference EEG provides physicians with objective clinical data to support treatment based on patient physiology. Physicians using rEEG frequently achieve superior efficacy, often in less time and with fewer medications.” 

– CNS Response

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Contact us to schedule an evaluation to determine if medication sensitivity testing is right for you or a loved one. We strive to provide our patients and their loved ones with excellent care. 

We are based in St. Charles, Illinois and provide medication sensitivity testing services to those in Naperville, Wayne, Sugar Grove, Schaumburg, Carol Stream, Geneva, Elgin and South Elgin, Aurora, IL and other local suburbs. We offer TeleHealth for medication management for those who are unable to travel to the office regularly. 


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