Is your Child Struggling to Pay Attention?

The Experts at the Sinha Clinic can help. We offer comprehensive neuropsychiatric care for adults and children. 

Looking for an Alternative to Medication? 

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No Medication Needed

Long-Lasting Results

Neurofeedback aims to train the brain’s attention networks to function better and correct the root of the problem – brainwave dysregulation. There are many studies that show that the brain is capable of change and can reorganization brainwave patterns to a more optimal state reducing symptoms through consistent practice. Neurofeedback strengthens attention networks so a patient can improve concentration, focus, and sustain attention without medication. 

Also, neurofeedback training has been commonly found to be associated with decreased impulsiveness and hyperactivity, increased mood stability, improved sleep patterns, increased attention span, improved academic performance, increased retention and memory, and increased IQ scores.

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The Sinha Clinic has helped many individuals and families improve their cognitive health through Neurofeedback Brain Training.