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The Experts at the Sinha Clinic can help. We offer comprehensive neuropsychiatric care for adults and children. We recommend the following services for those looking for an alternative type of program.

Looking for an Alternative to Medication? 

Neurofeedback is an alternative treatment to medication, it is long lasting, painless, non-invasive. This type of training is used to improve mental health symptoms by reworking brainwave dysregulation in order to help the brain relearn how to self-regulate and function normally again. Some patients are able to reduce their medication once their brainwaves are retrained and are now functioning optimally.  

Training is completed through positive reinforcement in the form of watching a video, listening to ambient music, or playing a video game during the session. The trainee will hear “feedback” as a tone or the screen fading in and out, which provides the brain the opportunity to respond by regulating and balancing the neural patterns to a more optimal state. 

There are several areas that neurofeedback can help improve:

Enhanced concentration and attention
Reducing anxiety and depression symptoms by improving self-regulation over emotions (e.g., sadness, irritability or agitation)
Overcoming negative symptoms from other mental health concerns specific to a persons needs
Improvement in sleep, communication and awareness
These are just a few that have been reported. Many have seen other improvements in short and long term memory, vision, spatial awareness, poor sleep and communication depending on the location of the brainwave dysregulation.
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What is Neurofeedback…

It is non-invasive.
Can be used with or without medication. 
Provides long-lasting positive results.

The Sinha Clinic has helped many individuals and families improve their cognitive health through Neurofeedback Brain Training.


I am interested to learn more - Where do I start?

Step 1

Fill out the contact box below. One of our friendly office staff will contact you to listen to your needs, answer any questions and set up a diagnostic evaluation. We accept insurance and self pay. We will submit information to see what is covered complimentary. .

Step 2

After completing the diagnostic evaluation and if recommended, we will set up a qEEG Brain Map to identify key areas of the brain to pinpoint areas that need to be improved. Protocols are created that are specifically designed for you or a loved one's individual brain chemistry.  

Step 3

Once protocols are set, we begin Neurofeedback Brain training. With consistent training, healthy brainwave patterns can be improved, normalized and optimized.
Neurofeedback is easy and relaxing. It involves watching a movie, playing a video game, or listening to audio tones with positive reinforment by fading the screen or reward noises. Each time the trainee makes the correct brainwave patterns, it rewards the brain, teaches it to self-regulate and retrain the brainwave patterns to a more optimal state. With continued feedback, coaching, and practice, the healthier brainwave patterns become a habit and are maintained. Neurofeedback can be compared to strength training for the brain, enhancing cognitive flexibility and control.

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The Sinha Clinic has helped many individuals and families improve their brain health through Neurofeedback Brain Training. Let us help you or a loved one get on the path to a better quality of life.