Comprehensive Psychiatric Care

– Neuropsychiatry
– Genetic Testing
– Telehealth for Medication Management
– Psychoanalysis and Neuropsychological Testing
– qEEG Brain Mapping
– Neurofeedback

The philosophy of the Sinha Clinic is to provide quality, holistic and caring psychiatric treatment. We offer comprehensive treatment through listening to you or your loved ones needs. 

We take the time to learn the struggles and strengths of each person. We create goals while supporting growth and change for the better. Our clinic specializes in identifying at-risk individuals and utilizing neuro physiological approaches as a pathway to better mental health. We attempt to achieve these goal through assessments and individualized treatment plans.

Does your psychiatric medication work effectively?

Do you or a loved one experiences side effects from psychotropic medication? 

Are you getting any results?

There are a few reasons why you may have answered yes to the above questions. There are over a hundred different types of psychotropic medications and one may not be the best fit your particular brain chemistry, which is why while one may have great results another may have negative side effects.

Is there a solution?

Our solution to this “trial and error” method is medication sensitivity testing. We use an innovative rEEG brain mapping test that narrows down hundreds of psychotropic medications to the top choices that fit your personal brain chemistry. As a result, this reduces the burden of waiting to see if the medication will work. In addition, it reduces the changes that you will have more side effects.

This test is non-invasive and completed in a 1 hour office appointment. The main goal is to find the best medication for your brain so you will start feeling better faster. 

Neurofeedback teaches the brain to self-regulate by positively reinforcing correct brainwave patterns. As a result, it improves negative symptoms from many common mental health concerns.

Questions to review before making an appointment

Do you have insurance but not sure if you are covered for psychiatric care?

We accept BlueCross BlueShield PPOs, Medicare, ComPsych and other insurance plans. Contact us today at (630) 762-9606. We will request the required information to review what services you are covered.

What do you need to know about psychiatric prescription medication and refills?

New prescriptions require an office visit. For medication refills, please contact your pharmacy and have them send the request to the office. 

For medications requiring a written prescription, please contact our office during regular business hours, and in either case, please allow three business days for the refill to be processed.

Are you a new psychiatric patient?

If you are a new patient, please download the patient intake forms below and bring to your initial appointment. 

Ready to schedule an appointment?

Mental health is a personal struggle. One may not see obvious symptoms. You may feel down or overwhelmed. The professionals at the Sinha Clinic create a plan that will help you regain control and provide options to a better path. Many struggle with mental health symptoms. We have options to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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Mental Health Matters

Mental health is a personal struggle. One may not see obvious symptoms. Symptoms that can manifest in other outward expressions, such as poor behavior to mirco-mannerisms including affecting work place and home environments. Mental health is a constant balance that some may have been genetically predisposed and learned from a negative living environment or poor nutritional habits can all play a role in the severity.